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Generator rental cheap prices in Jakarta. Genset is an important tool for the supply of electrical power in an emergency. Based on the type of generator are divided into two, namely silent and open generators. Silent generator is one type of generator that is designed with a box or cashing so that the sound is not too noisy. Genset relies on a drive engine that is arranged into one unit to produce an electric power with a certain amount, which is a set or combination of generators or alternators and engines that can be used as a means of generating electricity.

The working principle of a generator is a combustion engine (a diesel engine or a gasoline engine) that converts fuel energy into mechanical energy, then the mechanical energy is converted or converted by a generator to produce electrical power. Genset (Generator set) is usually used to generate alternative electric power, such as when the supply of electric power supply from the power generation industry goes off / off, or circumstances where there is no electricity supply in the area, or also commonly used when additional electrical power is needed.

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