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Genset Silent Saonon S688CC(S)
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Saonon S688CC (S) Silent Genset 50Hz is one type of generator that is widely used for commercial and industrial needs. designed using boxes or cashing. Able to supply large amounts of electricity.
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S688CC (S) Model
Power (ESP) 688/550
Power (PRP) 625/500
Rated Voltage 400
Rated Current 993
Rated rotation speed 1500
Power Factor 0.8

Genset: GB / T2820-2009, ISO8528
Alternator: VDE0530, NEMA MG1-32, IEC34, AS1359
Diesel Engine: ISO3046, DIN6271
Standby Power: Continues running at variable load for duration of an
emergency. No overload is permitted on these ratings.
Prime Power: Continues running at variable load for unlimited periods
with 10% overload available for 1 hour in any 12 hour period.

Standard: Engine, alternator, cooling system, Base frame (excluding fuel tank), shock absorbers, air inlet system, control box (including main floating load), plastic fan blades (when the engine and water tank do not carry).

Optional: Base frame (including fuel tank), water jacket heater, fuel water separator, fuel heater, fuel level sensor (only supports bottom frame tank), switch box (with switch), power switch, water level sensor, anti-condensing motor heater, automatic refueling system (only supporting base frame including fuel tank), battery frame.

Accessories: Silencer, below, exhaust muffler system accessories (with suitable engines), ordinary batteries, start cable assemblies, generator data, random tools (with suitable engines).

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